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Hello. I am Rayson Lo

By Chance and Character Turns Passion

RAYSON LO starts from scratch in wedding industry where he has never thought he would have his

career here. He could still vividly recall 12 years ago he was merely an assistant to bridal

photographer and had been running errands and doing chores for the bridal house in Batu Pahat.

Because of his inherent character of attention to details, Rayson has been observing every tiny detail

from top to toe in various circumstances. This somehow indirectly shaped his perfection pursuit

attitude towards his job and gradually turned it into passion in creating plenty wonderful moments in

wedding photography.

Joys and Fulfilling Achievements Along the Way

Every single piece of bridal photograph could be literally produced given that so many years of

photographing experience Rayson and his team have had in the field. By pursuing current trend, one

intimated after another and a solid bridal album is then created.

However, is that what fresh couple really expecting very eagerly for?

Rayson and the team often go extra miles by exerting much effort in understanding the long way the

couple had come across, what they have in mind for their own piece of wedding album concept, the

most comfortable way to have the pre-wedding shooting accomplished, and so on and so forth. The

team are all enthusiastic staffs and are always amiably approaching clients to get to know their mind


A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

A lot of beautiful photos are taken in harsh circumstances, yet all these joyful moments are captured

by the photographer to create a very own wedding album which belongs to the fresh couple that last

for a lifetime. If the couple were the leading roles in the pictures, the photographer will be the

storyteller that frames their love story and transforms them into photos. Rayson and his team always

play a major role in presenting couple’s path of love by directing the camera lens in the precise angle.

The key to accomplish wedding photography doesn’t solely come from photographer himself but the

team as well. Via communicating and understanding throughout the shooting process only could the

team and the photographer slowly concretise their clients’ desired wedding style and concept.

And this is the most satisfying and awesome outcome at the end of the day.

Places Visited and Going to Explore

Throughout the career as wedding photographers, Rayson and his team have left a footprint in a

variety of countries for pre-wedding and actual-wedding-day assignments like Europe (France, Italy),

Australia (Melbourne, Perth), Eastern Asia (China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan) and South

East Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia).

Moving forward, Rayson and the team will be exploring more fascinating places like India, Nepal,

Mongolia and Iceland to uncover their wonderfully rich culture and history and resume the love


Point of View

Wedding photography has lots of fun and magic, shouldn’t have stood still and always goes exploring

and goes beyond imagination.

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